9 Signs You Might Be a Data Center Manager

cablesimage2Or… Can your pet penguin write his name in Base 16?

by TechRack Systems

Data center managers have the hardest job on the planet. They have to keep data secure and running 24×7 while handling IT mishaps along with a gazillion mind-numbing requests. So here’s some food for thought. We know there are a number of characteristics that super star data center managers have in common.

See if any of these describe you:

You might be a Data Center Manager if…

1. You use an old server as a pizza warmer and a CD drive as a cup holder. Sure, it’s tempting, not to mention creative, yet one drink spill can mean sudden death to your equipment without any way to resuscitate it. Instead, eat and drink elsewhere and enforce a strict no food or drink mantra. (Or, consider keeping your equipment safe in a server rack!)

2. Your CEO responds WOW to your budget request and you think it’s an invite to play World of Warcraft. I know. It doesn’t get much cooler than inviting all your pals to a LAN party. But your CEO is responding to the cost of your request, not the game. While playing WoW, CoD, LoL or even Halo is tempting; it’s not worth jeopardizing your network with a virus or worse.

3. When you hear ‘spaghetti’, you think of your network cables.
Cable chaos? Mangled mayhem? Let’s hope not. Unless you’re aiming to create a pigpen instead of a data center, you’ll want your cables neatly in cabinets. No one wants to see cables hanging from drop ceilings, looped over desks or lining the floor. Senior management frowns on any hazard that could dovetail into an accident, lawsuit or data loss. So measure your cables accordingly, use zip ties and reserve the word spaghetti for Italian fare.

4. People think you’re a vampire because they never see you in daylight.
It’s easy to fit into this workaholic category if you work well over a 40-hour week. Pulling all-nighters to rebuild networks or breathe life into downed networks is part and parcel with your job. But working excessive overtime means you may not have enough coverage if there’s an emergency. Staffing needs to correspond to your risk profile and budget. Consider emergency response, equipment maintenance and vendor management when creating your staffing schedule. And by all means, stay clear of anything that sucks blood.

5. Your favorite animal is a penguin. Lot’s of people love penguins, and movies like Happy Feet and Mr. Popper’s Penguins are great examples of the public’s collective fondness for this tuxedo-clad bird. Yet your affinity for penguins has less to do with the former and more to do with that darn cute logo of Linux. But shhh, we’ll keep your secret to ourselves.

6. Your second favorite animal is Red Bull.
Caffeine. Rules. Period.

7. You can write your name in hex. Admit it. You can write in Base 16 and you can understand Base 2. So even if English is your one and only language you can easily tout that you’re multilingual. 52 6f 63 6b 20 4f 6e 21

8. You think there are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.
I know, old joke, but true! And it shows your commitment to thinking through things with an open mind. Keeping your mind open allows you to come up with creative solutions when you need them most. And don’t we always?

9. You know there’s no place like
Sure, you make the most of your workplace, you enjoy your coworkers and you’re committed to ensuring that nothing EVER goes wrong with your network – at least not for long. But when the day is done, it’s still nice to return to that familiar place you call su casa.

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