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What if Guardians of the Galaxy Ran Your Data Center?

canstockphoto1633351by TechRack Systems

Come on admit it. You not only saw Marvel Studios flick Guardians of the Galaxy, but you too became a fast fan of heroine Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). Well, join the crowd. Most of the ladies dig bad-boy-turned-likeable leader Quill aka Star Lord, and the guys? Well, we just want to emulate him. So how would Quill run a data center? Very carefully. That is, of course, after he realized that like the power of the orb being essential to the existence of universe, the data center is the life-force of every company it supports. Take away the data center (or the cloud that powers it) and poof, the company turns blue and audibly chokes until it gets CPR.

So what lessons can you glean from this summer blockbuster and apply to your data center? Plenty. For starters, most of us have to work with and even train some disparate misfits that we’d rather not deal with. Just about everyone we’ve talked to has had to office with, service or partner with their fair share of gun-toting raccoons (Bradley Cooper), tree-like humanoids (Vin Diesel), master assassins (Zoa Saldana), and revenge-driven destroyers (Dave Bautista). And how many times have you counted yourself escaping from ruthless, persistent bounty hunter-like bosses or career climbing colleagues? It’s enough to keep you awake at night but we can all relate to these classic archetypes at one time or another in our careers. Appealing to the strengths of your adversaries and tossing them a lifeline when they need it most will surely win even the hardest hearts over as Quill did triumphantly with deadly Gamora.

And what about the bad seeds and villains you reluctantly come in contact with from time to time? Well we all have to grin and bear it when we deal with unsavory characters like Ronan (Lee Pace), Korath (Djimon Hounsou), Nebula (Karen Gillian), Yondu (Michael Rooker) and even the Collector (Benicio Del Toro). Negotiation skills, quick thinking and unrelenting humor often save the day when you’re forced to deal with sub-par or hard-to-please knuckleheads to keep the network up and running. Turning hard-to-deal-with co-workers who want to see you fail into a cohesive, supportive team is not only rewarding but it makes anything possible. And a great soundtrack never hurts.

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Keep Your Eye on These Server Trends in 2014

Server Rack Trends 2014

by TechRack Systems

Each year brings new designs, innovations, and trends to the server industry and 2014 is no exception. As server equipment becomes more optimized and energy-efficient, the supporting server racks must be more versatile than ever before. That means the purchasing consideration process becomes more complex when evaluating your future data center and small office computer rack needs.

Here are four key words to guide you in your purchasing decisions: Disruption, Density, Integration, and Cloud. Let’s explore further…

1. Disruption: We’ve all heard of “disruptive innovation” when it comes to new technologies—they bring sudden changes in technology that force businesses to adapt or risk losing revenue or even their company altogether. With that, companies often fall into three categories: a preference to be risk-averse and stick to the mainstream; a tendency to take moderate risks to enhance their business; or the willingness to take big risks with the eye on the prize of bigger goals, expansion, and revenue. Which path you decide to take will depend on your company’s size, financial situation, and future plans. These characteristics also drive how well your data center will likely react to the change.

2. Density: As technologies advance, it’s becoming the norm to consolidate more servers and related computing equipment onto the same chassis. That’s good news for budgeting a server approach—it means you can fit more equipment onto the same racks and cabinets, and will likely save both money and space. And for small businesses, this means utilizing an approach that will maximize space and will keep server equipment in a contained area and organized efficiently. Examples of this are small 6U-18U computer racks and wall racks.

3. Integration: A server rack can have all the promise of improved efficiency and performance, but it won’t be very effective if it doesn’t integrate seamlessly into your current equipment and component setup. In other words, be sure that any integration plans for the future are complimentary to your existing server configuration. The fact that new technologies are available is not reason enough for the investment. Timing plays a factor in integration too—you may want to wait until existing technologies are in sync with your business goals like expansion, reallocating office space, or even a move to a new location.

4. Cloud: This could be the biggest game changer of the bunch. Big data is only getting “bigger” in nearly every industry, and the number of data centers specializing in cloud server and storage needs is increasing by leaps and bounds each year. In fact, a number of vendors are anticipating building servers that are designed specifically for cloud computing use. If you don’t have a plan in place to integrate cloud computing into your business model, now is the time to figure out if a strategy is needed for the future and how that will impact your purchasing decisions.

These four trends in technology—disruption, density requirements, system integration, and cloud requirements—will be important levers in your server rack buying strategies in 2014. Work with your server vendor to create the best plan to meet your data center or small office requirements. For more information, contact TechRack Systems, info@techrack.com, or view our Website.